A Journey Through Sand And Time


Wow wow, I really love this artists style, she really captures the characters~!  She post their art for all sorts of fandoms too.
Artist: Memipong on dA
Source: /x/




this is honestly one of the fucking best because people were just doing this and didn’t even say the name of the organization or donate money


PLAYBOY 日本版第78号



PLAYBOY 日本版第78号




there are three levels to tumblr friendships:

1. super nice messages

2. slightly wierd messages

3. messages with the entirety of bohemian rhapsody lyrics and messages at 4am saying things like “what if you woke up and u were a chicken”

If you are looking to move from level 1 to level 2 or level 2 to level 3, CONSIDER THIS YOUR INVITATION.

If u are looking to going straight to level three with me my ask is wide open

HI!! and Update

I miss you all so much I almost cried when I opened my page!

I have made the move across the states from Colorado to Virginia, making it through flat tires and food poisoning, and getting lost in west Virginia along the way. I finally have internet out here in the sticks now! i am about 30 minutes from the nearest gas station and it takes me an hour and a half to get to work.

Getting to live in Denver was one of the best times of my life, I loved it and the awesome people I met! I forgot how backward and oppressive Virginia ( not all of people) can be. I feel there is much work to be done on the establishment of human rights here and I think I will probably open another blog working on that project. I don’t want to change this blog but I think I need another one to find like minded people and get somethings going in this state. I have received a constant barrage of anti LGBT rhetoric since I got here. not to mention racism and having myself and my kid looked down upon because I am a single mom.  I know I can’t be the only one.  Anyway I should be back on here soon I am still unpacking and I will let you know how the other blog goes!

Croatoan day is yet another way of proofing to everyone, outside of the supernatural fandom, that we’re a cult.

so I am moving from Denver back to Virginia for 6 months I am not happy about it. I am leaving this morning to drive 1800 miles. so I won’t be around for a few days, most likely. I will try to take pictures and tell you all about it.

John + Sassing Mycroft






My parents aren’t home

You know what that means

*sits in the living room instead of sealing myself away in my room*

this is too accurate 

*parents close the door*, *emerges slowly from room like an easily startled deer*

*Parents come home* *scurries back to room like frightened squirrel*

Y’all think this is a joke but it’s 100% accurate